ViewSonic Elite XG271QG gaming monitor review

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Gaming monitors are made to maximize the visual quality of your graphics card and CPU output when you play games. They portray color, motion, and image sharpness in a variety of ways, but they are ultimately responsible for showing the results of all of your computer’s image rendering and processing.

The ViewSonic Elite XG271QG Display is a 27″ QHD monitor built for style and performance like a sports car. It is the latest high-quality monitor from ViewSonic for viewing and gaming enjoyment. With the ground-breaking NVIDIA G-Sync technology, you can eliminate input lag, screen tearing, and display stuttering, and enjoy buttery-smooth, realistic gameplay.

It syncs with a rapid refresh rate to correctly record each keystroke on your keyboard and mouse. In other words. The display has a 240Hz refresh rate and a 1ms reaction time, making it ideal for gamers. It also provides a resolution of 2560 x 1440.

The monitor

A 178-degree viewing angle is provided by the IPS non-glare display of the ViewSonic Elite XG271QG monitor. Additionally, it offers a 99 percent coverage of Adobe colors, making it very accurate for all tasks. In addition to that, A VESA Display HDR 400 certification has been granted to Elite XG271QG.

There are many useful features built into the monitor, starting with a small joystick at the bottom that you can use to navigate the menus. This is a significant improvement from fumbling around the monitor to figuring out which button does what.

Design of the ViewSonic Elite XG271QG monitor

The Elite XG270QG is constructed well. The plastic on the back has a little flex to it, but there are no noticeable weak spots and it feels strong overall. With its sleek aluminum stand and built-in hole for your cables to flow through to keep your setup tidy, the monitor has a lot of appeals.

ViewSonic Elite XG271QG gaming monitor

Additionally, the monitor has a lot of RGB lighting that shines against your wall and desk from the base and the back of the display, respectively. To keep your equipment organized and prevent your mouse cable (if you have a wired mouse) from getting tangled up as you game, you can also locate a headset hanger and mouse cable anchor. A multi-monitor configuration benefits greatly from the boundaries’ thinness on three sides.

Since the screen isn’t particularly thick, when mounted, it doesn’t protrude much. With the stand attached, it becomes significantly thicker, and because the stand is slightly inclined, the overall thickness depends on the height at which you position your screen.

ViewSonic Elite XG271QG connectivity

The ViewSonic Elite XG271QG offers three USB-A 3.1 input/outputs, two HDMI inputs, one display port input, and a USB-B 3.1 input/output. A 3.5 mm output is also available for speakers or wired headphones.

Gaming experience

With the ViewSonic Elite XG271QG, you can customize a variety of settings, including gaming presets for MOBA, G-Sync Esport, and Battle Royale. You have a lot of options with G-Sync processor settings, including the opportunity to view your frames per second on screen if you choose.

Even better, you can add a crosshair to your gaming display and position it where it will be most effective for your chosen game, giving you a much clearer target to eliminate your opponents. When using a PC with an Nvidia GPU for both work and gaming, there is a notable difference between the gaming experience on a monitor with G-Sync and one without.

Picture quality:

The Elite XG270QG provides outstanding color accuracy after calibration. The gamma matches the target quite well, the color temperature is very near to the aim of 6500K, and the majority of colors are accurate. SDR-wise, the monitor has an impressive SDR color gamut. It offers complete coverage of the sRGB color space, which is utilized in the majority of the material, and top-notch Adobe RGB color space coverage.

Grey consistency is good on the Elite XG271QG. While the center of the screen does not exhibit the filthy screen effect, the corners of the screen are substantially darker, which is excellent for watching sports. In dimly lit areas, the consistency is practically flawless.

ViewSonic Elite XG271QG gaming setting.

Response time:

At its maximum refresh rate, excellent response time. Standard is the ideal Overdrive option because it has the least overshoot but still has some motion blur. The “Advanced” setting provides less blur but greater overshoot if that bothers you. It is simple to overclock a display’s native refresh rate of 144Hz to 165Hz. The only way to use G-SYNC VRR is over a DisplayPort connection. VRR is inoperable over HDMI, and the refresh rate is restricted to 60Hz. Through a DisplayPort connection, this monitor is also FreeSync compliant across its whole range.

The 27-inch, 1440p screen has a large viewing area and is excellent for multitasking or getting a better view of your game. Significantly decreased input lag, especially at native resolution. A 60Hz frame rate adds a tiny bit more lag than usual, but with VRR activated, it stays modest.

Sound Quality:

The speakers are on the back of the display, which is a design problem that affects many monitors and TVs on the market and limits the sound quality, even though it is good. While a forward-facing speaker is undoubtedly a sharper choice, this is typically done to reduce the non-display landscape on a monitor or TV. Understandably, many individuals frequently use headphones or speakers that are directly plugged into their computers.


Some people may not think the ViewSonic Elite XG271QG is worth its $899.99 price tag. Finding another monitor without the exclusive G-Sync will save you money if gaming is not part of your plan because the features that drive up the price are designed with gamers in mind.

ViewSonic Elite XG271QG gaming monitor

Most searches for comparable monitors will show it as being on the higher end of the price range, but the competition all seems to fall short of checking all the boxes that this monitor does. Some are limited to 1080p, while others lack G-Sync or any other features that would make a monitor truly great.


The ViewSonic Elite XG271QG is perfect for gamers, especially those who play in an Nvidia environment, and can be adjusted to work well for all user types. Only the cost should or might deter a non-gamer from purchasing this particular display.

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