In-depth guide on crafting containers in Little Alchemy 2

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    Little Alchemy 2 is a captivating and engaging game that tests players’ abilities to create a diverse range of elements and items by combining different objects. This puzzle game is about uncovering new possibilities, experimenting, and cultivating creativity.

    Among the vast array of elements available in the game, the container element plays a crucial role. Containers are indispensable because they can be merged with various other elements to generate new items, which ultimately contributes to your overall progress. This article offers an in-depth guide on how to create a container in Little Alchemy 2, along with its creative uses and importance in the game.

    The basic ingredients

    To craft a container in Little Alchemy 2, you need two fundamental ingredients: metal and glass. Before you can create a container, it’s essential to understand how to produce these vital elements using other elements in the game.

    1. Metal: Metal is created by combining stone and fire. To make stone, you’ll need to mix earth and pressure. Earth is a basic element, while pressure can be formed by combining two air elements. To create fire, merge air and lava. Lava is the result of combining earth and fire.
    2. Glass: Glass is formed by combining sand and fire. To create sand, you’ll need to mix stone and air. As mentioned earlier, stone is made by combining earth and pressure, while air is a basic element.

    Combining the ingredients

    With the basic ingredients at hand, you’re now ready to combine them and forge your container. Follow this step-by-step guide for seamless creation:

    1. Open your Little Alchemy 2 game and ensure that both the metal and glass elements are present in your library.
    2. Find the metal element on your screen and drag it onto the game’s workspace.
    3. Locate the glass element and drag it into the workspace, positioning it adjacent to the metal element.
    4. The two elements will automatically merge, resulting in a container.

    Experimenting with different combinations is essential, as you may discover more efficient paths for creating containers. As you advance in the game, you will unearth new elements that could potentially simplify the container creation process.

    Creative uses for containers

    Containers have a significant role in Little Alchemy 2, as they can be merged with an array of other elements to produce new items. Some notable examples include:

    1. Aquarium: By combining a container with fish, you can create an aquarium. Fish can be created by combining water and caviar or by merging water and animal.
    2. Bottle: Mix a container with water or milk to create a bottle. While water is a basic element, milk can be produced by combining cow and human or by combining cow and container.
    3. Greenhouse: Blend a container with a plant to generate a greenhouse. A plant can be created by combining rain and earth or by merging mud and sunlight.

    Mastering the use of containers in the game will significantly contribute to your overall progression, allowing you to discover new elements and items more rapidly.

    The importance of containers in Little Alchemy 2’s overall progression

    As you delve deeper into Little Alchemy 2, containers become increasingly important for achieving higher levels and unlocking new elements. Containers are versatile and offer a wealth of combinations that can lead to discovering new items. Learning how to craft containers efficiently and effectively not only enhances your gaming experience but also lays the foundation for mastering other complex elements in the game.


    In summary, containers are a vital element in Little Alchemy 2, providing numerous creative uses and combinations with other elements. By comprehending the basic ingredients, understanding how to make them, and following the step-by-step guide provided, you can effortlessly create a container in the game. Keep in mind that experimentation is the key to success in Little Alchemy 2. Continuously explore different combinations, and as you progress, you’ll uncover new elements and items that enhance your overall gaming experience.

    Moreover, understanding the creative uses and importance of containers in Little Alchemy 2 will equip you with the knowledge to progress efficiently and effectively. By leveraging containers’ versatility, you can unlock new levels and elements while enjoying the sense of discovery and creativity that the game offers.

    In conclusion, never shy away from experimenting with various combinations, as this is the cornerstone of Little Alchemy 2. Embrace the challenges, enjoy the journey of discovering new elements and items, and most importantly, have fun mastering the art of crafting containers and beyond in the game.

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