About us

As PC technology continues to trudge forward, here at Galaxy PC Gaming, we find ourselves constantly searching for the next best thing in PC gaming. With a panel of professional PC enthusiasts working around the clock, we’re always on top of the latest PC related news. Aiming to be the ones on top isn’t easy, but we’ve been doing it for years now, and we’re going to continue doing it to fill in the gap of quality news on the world of PC gaming.

In 2006, we assembled together a small team of hobbyist developers sharing a passion for PCs and gaming. Our goal was to make a publication dedicated to the news of the future of PC gaming, covering all the bases in one convenient spot. Keep the news flowing and the quality consistent was our motto.

Before long people began to take notice, and now Galaxy PC Gaming has developed into most trusted publication on the internet for all your gaming news. Now featuring a wide assortment of content and a crew of talented by honest writers, we’re proud of how far we’ve come and plan to keep going for much longer.

Our mission

When it comes down to it, our mission statement is simple; we want to be your best source for PC gaming news, be it about hardware, software or even things that are only tangentially related. We want to be the comprehensive and unbiased center of all PC gaming news.

Want to know where you can get all the best gaming gear? Look no further, as we feature all the best spots to hunt for gaming deals online. Scouring the web in search of discounts and deals is rough, which is why we make easier for you by compiling all of them on our site. Convenience is key, and we want our readers to have an easy time.

Of course, that’s just the hardware end, what about PC software? Worry not, Galaxy PC Gaming has you covered here too. Every piece of new software that releases is instantly on our radars. Even when it comes to game releases, we want to have every base covered. Only then will we be the true authority on all things gaming.

Topical focus

As the hottest PC gaming site on the internet, we do our best to make sure we’re your source for all things PC gaming, and that includes on the software end. Software tools, PC gaming development tools and even news from companies that develop PC software are all available here on Galaxy PC Gaming. Tips for game development, interviews with developers, game jams and more!

Games are the cornerstone of our website, and a heavy focus on here as well. We cover all new releases from various different genres regardless of console. We of course follow every single big release, but Galaxy PC Gaming is proud of our dedication to indie titles, searching out promising small developers and giving them a spotlight to show off their work.

Keeping our standards high, we make sure that every review posted on Galaxy PC Gaming is as comprehensive and accurate as possible. Our writers are made to finish every game they play unlike many other gaming related websites out there. Our reviews aren’t made for cheap clicks, but rather to show off the games and all their related information. As is our motto, we keep things consistent and high quality, and for that, the writers must be honest and educated.

Rumors and leaks are also part of our regular content rotation. As gamers ourselves, we know exactly how a rousing round of rumors can pump up gamers! Hyping up future projects is always a good idea, and while not always true, rumors and leaks are great ways to rail up expectations. We know nobody likes being misled however, which is why we make sure to verify all our rumors and leaks before posting.

With that said, if you’re a developer and find any of our rumors or leak reports harmful, then feel free to contact us. We have our limits as content creators and are happy to support developers anywhere if they reach out to us. We’ll happily remove said reports, and even feature your game if it shows promise.

Editorial approach

Here at Galaxy PC Gaming we’ve been making reviews, criticism and editorials on gaming peripherals, games and hardware for many years now. One thing we always strive for is accuracy and transparency. We refuse to be bought out or sacrifice our integrity, meaning you will always get nothing but our honest, undiluted opinion regarding any game, console or peripheral.

However, that does not mean we can’t make mistakes, but we’re also aware that’s not anything to be ashamed of. If you ever see a mistake, contact us and we’ll launch an investigation to see whether it’s a true mistake or not. From there, we will make all necessary amendments and adjust our articles accordingly. We strive for accuracy, and this is nothing to achieve our final goals.

We also can often be brutally honest in our reviews, which we will not be changing. Gaming needs to be held to a standard to ensure the quality of future releases. In order to keep this up, we will lay an unbiased, scrutinizing eye on any product or game that passes through our review channels.

Rest assured that while we may be invited to gaming events or receive early game copies to review, we will never allow this to taint our reviews or opinions. Our opinions are solid, and we do not pull our punches. On top of this, we always return products at the request of the brand or at the end of the agreed loan period, with honesty as our policy.

Proudly part of the Galaxy PC Media group

Galaxy PC Gaming is a part of Galaxy PC Media, giving us the support as a publishing agency to continue being honest and uncensored in our articles and reviews. Without this, we would be unable to bring you our consistent stream of content or our honest approach to writing.