How to sprint in Elden Ring

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    If you’re a fan of role-playing games and are looking for a new challenge, then Elden Ring is the game for you. This vast game, featuring a 79 square-kilometre map length, is set in a mystical world full of dangers and challenges to conquer.

    With fast-paced combat and terrifying threats lurking around every corner, one of the most important skills you’ll need to master is sprinting. In this article, we’ll guide you through how to sprint in Elden Ring, whether you’re playing on console or PC.

    We’ll also share some tips and tricks to make sprinting easier and more effective in the game. So, let’s dive in and get ready to outrun the dangers of Elden Ring!

    How to sprint in Elden Ring on PS4 and PS5

    Gamers who own one of the most popular consoles are in luck when it comes to Elden Ring’s sprint mechanics. On both the PS5 and PS4, sprinting with your character is fairly straightforward. To do so, you must hold down the Backstep/Roll/Dash button, which is the Circle button on your controller by default. It’s worth noting that this command works the same way on both consoles.

    It’s important to remember that pressing the Circle button on your controller without any movement input (from the left control stick) will trigger a backstep motion. To sprint, you’ll need to ensure your character is in motion before long-pressing the Circle button.

    Alternatively, pressing the Circle button and moving the left control stick in any direction will cause your character to dodge roll in that direction. So, whether you need to quickly escape danger or simply traverse the vast game world more quickly, mastering Elden Ring’s sprint mechanics is an essential skill for any player.

    How to sprint in Elder Ring on Xbox

    To sprint in Elden Ring on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X, players should hold down the B button on their controller while moving. It is important to note that sprinting will not work unless the button is held down continuously.

    If the B button is pressed without a directional input, the player will perform a backstep, while holding the B button along with a directional input will cause the player to dodge roll. These mechanics are similar to those found in the PS4 or PS5 versions of the game. Therefore, mastering the B button’s functions is crucial for an enjoyable Elden Ring experience.

    How to sprint in Elder Ring on PC

    By default, the space bar on the keyboard is used for backstepping in Elden Ring for PC players. However, it can also be used to sprint when held down while the player’s character is moving. Additionally, players can dodge attacks by tapping the space bar while providing a directional input. This function can prove to be very useful in combat situations, allowing for quick and strategic movements to avoid attacks.

    Special considerations when it comes to sprinting in Elden Ring

    Both in and out of combat, sprinting is a crucial element in Elden Ring. Running away from enemies is the most obvious advantage, but it is not the only one. Walking around the vast Lands Between can be slow, and while players can ride a horse after some in-game time, it is not possible to summon it in certain places such as interior areas.

    Additionally, sprinting in Elden Ring is convenient for executing unique moves and increasing jump range. For instance, initiating an attack while sprinting allows the player to perform a running attack, which can help bridge the gap between the player and their target. Utilizing the Elden Ring sprint skill can be a strategic advantage in combat and exploration, making it an important tool to master for players.

    You just can’t sprint forever

    Newcomers to the game often make mistakes such as accidentally dodging or stepping back in Elden Ring. To avoid this, it is recommended to walk for several seconds before utilizing the sprint mechanic on PC or consoles.

    Aside from mastering the sprint mechanics, players must also be mindful of their Stamina and know when and how to use it. Sprinting during combat consumes Stamina and is affected by the Equip Load. Heavy loads will prevent the player from sprinting, while Medium Loads use more Stamina than Light Loads, and vice versa.

    Furthermore, the type of weapon being carried can affect the sprinting animation. Lighter weapons tend to create horizontal splashes while heavier weapons create vertical splashes or thrusts. These intricacies add a layer of immersion to the game, providing a more dynamic and strategic combat experience.

    Wrapping up

    In conclusion, mastering the sprint mechanic in Elden Ring is crucial for a successful gameplay experience, whether it’s on PC or consoles. Accidental dodges and stepbacks can be avoided by walking for a few seconds before sprinting.

    It is also important to be mindful of Stamina and Equip Load to avoid running out of stamina during combat. Additionally, the type of weapon being carried can affect the sprinting animation, adding complexity and immersion to the game.

    By understanding and utilizing these mechanics, players can take full advantage of the Elden Ring sprint skill to explore the vast Lands Between, execute unique moves, and gain an edge in combat.

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